Head and Shoulders BFF TVC

Aljur x Kris = forever kilig

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Client: P&G
Agency: Mediacom/ GMA
CD : Butch Villanueva
Production House: Focusworks
Executive Producer: Agnes Pangilinan
Director: Gus Cruz
DOP: Lee Briones

PD: Emery Villanueva
AD : Ronnie Bertubin
PM: Ogie Cuevas
PAs: Manny Tenioso/ Maricor
Stylist: Junette Laxamana
Post: UGL

Newsmaker : Belo Men Ad

I’m sure the message was not intended to offend anyone. I can write a long post to defend the message and insight behind this campaign but it’s just me, whatever your opinion on this ad is as valid as mine. You must admit though (kahit secretly) that there’s a bit of funny in these layouts. 🙂

The Doctor is IN

I’m glad Dra. Belo agreed to wearing a pantsuit for this shoot. Must say that my experience in this project was beyond awesome! I was able to get access to Dra.’s HUUUUUUUGE (as in 2 bedroom condo unit huge!) walk-in closet. Saw her much talked about bag collection and the shoes…. TO.DIE.FOR!!!! Did I mention that her shoe collection’s to die for?  Yessir!!! Shoe heaven indeed!

Photography: BJ Pascual

Art Direction: Diane Hilary Taar

Copy: Biba Cabuquit

Adobo Magazine Cover

Last February, I had  an opportunity to style Merlee Jayme, an advertising rock star, a woman I admire and a friend. This my favorite project to date.

Rock star, muse, goddess — that’s all her!


Successful Career Woman | Professor | Runner | Women’s Rights Advocate | Songwriter plus more! more!

(Can you hear “I’m every woman”  by Mama Whitney?)

Loving wife and mother of FOUR!!!


 TTo learn more about this magnificent woman, buy Adobo Magazine’s March issue.